Why Summit?

Why Summit?


Reliability through the cycles

Economic downturn and industry consolidation have led to a challenging and inconsistent lending environment. At Summit, we are built to last. Nearly 25 years of delivering maximum return on your investment through any economic cycle. National scale with investment in a wide variety of industries, we don’t over-promise. We deliver results.​

Ease of doing business

Leasing should improve your business processes.  Life should be easier and the funding process shouldn’t be painful. Our process is not designed around you, it’s designed for you. We believe a lease program should be easy and NEVER an interruption to your business.


Hard to move leased assets, can’t negotiate documents, can’t track assets and invoices? At Summit, we understand that flexibility is key. Whether it’s documentation, billing or state-of-the-art asset management tools, we are committed to offering the resources and adaptability you need.

Service throughout the relationship

Is your staff buried in a maze of 800 numbers? Overseas call centers anyone? Summit has a lean organizational structure that eliminates lengthy committee approvals and impersonal call centers. You’ll have personal relationships with us, even at senior levels of management.

Contact our Team:

513-489-1222 or 1-866-489-1222