New Vs. Used Equipment: Financing Strategies for Today’s Industrial Firms

New Vs. Used Equipment: Financing Strategies for Today’s Industrial  Firms

Published in Industrial Machinery Digest


Today’s industrial firms are ripe with opportunity.


While benefiting from a continued strong economy, driven by ongoing GDP growth and record-low unemployment, today’s manufacturing and industrial firms are faced with a unique challenge: how to keep up with growth while remaining financially solvent.

Business growth can be a double-edged sword in this industry. While new contracts and services bring in more revenue and support expansions, these opportunities also typically require additional equipment investment, which can be a costly endeavor.

When assessing equipment needs and making investment decisions, it’s important for owners, CFOs, and managers to be aware of the very latest in financing strategies that can support their company’s equipment acquisitions without placing undue pressure on the bottom line.

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